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It’s been a long time that the teaching and learning process stopped being a one-way street. Instead, is now multidirectional. The era where the teacher was the only one who owns the knowledge is over. Now, the role of the teacher goes beyond being the lead of a bunch of students. He has multiple roles: he’s a teacher, he’s who guides the students and even sometimes he’s also a kind of student. And this happens because or “by fault” of the mainstreaming of technology in the teaching and learning process.

0002_TreeFrom novice to mastery is a website where we write abouteLearning, Instructional Design and about those teaching and education innovations that make possible other forms of teaching and learning. Therefore, you’ll also find posts about learning through mobile devices (mlearning), game- based learning (GBL), gamification and who knows what is about to come!

The posts published in this site are the result from my own professional experience, from my own self-training and from my desired to learn and research about other ways to teach and learn. So, I’d like to stand out that what I publish in this site doesn’t represent necessarily the ideas of the company where I belong neither the custormers who I represent. The content that I publish here are findings from external resources where I get my own conclusions.

I hope you enjoy the reading.



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