W3. Conceptualize an mLearning design

Ok, so in my previous posts we were just testing some apps, and thinking how this app can be applied in my context, we did some tests and we saw some pieces of a mLearning solutions.Week 3 is about mlearning design, that means designing a mlearning solution by thinking about real scenarios.

Here’s a concept of an mLearning design I made having in mind a problem that may occur in a regular office, school, or some similar contexts.

The presentation I have prepared is divided into:

  • What’s the context?
  • What’s the problem?
  • What’s the solution?
  • A brief explanation of the design of the mLearning solution.

mlearning performance support

Probably in a real context I would add more information, but I think that for the purpose of this activity it is enough, at least to have an idea of the solution.

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