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W2. Reflections. Mobile RLOs

So after the intense week two and by ending up creating my first mobile RLOs now is time to do some reflection.

1. How could mobile RLOs enhance teaching and learning in your own classroom?

In my opinion, mobile RLOs can help with performance support, that means, provide the information at the right time when you need it.

A good example is when you need to use the new printer and you don’t know exactly how to print double sided. You don’t want to read the whole manual, you are busy and you need specific information at that time. If there’s no counterpart around to ask, a quick easy steps handy would be very useful. And if it’s mobile much better.

mobile RLO CSAM

2. Did you create your own Winksite website in Try it Yourself 2.3?

Yes I did, and at first I didn’t like it too much. Human being shows some resistance when is being forced to change or rethink how things are done.

With Winksite, as well as other mobile tools, forces you to have in mind the “mobile first” concept which can be challenging at the beginning.

I think it is part of human beings to a kind of resistance to new things, to those things tha forces you to rethink how things are built. But,

How does it stack up when applying the CSAM framework? What elements of CSAM could you address if you were to use your Winksite RLO in your own classroom?

My students are mainly from the vocational training field. In that sense my students need to manipulate a lot of machines according to specific regulations.

I’m imagining distributing some QR codes in the class next to the different machines with specific content about how to use them or point them out to the regulations that explain how to use them properly. I’m thinking of a kind of video tutorials less than 3 minutes in length, to provide quick and easy steps on how to manipulate them in terms of security for instance.

Having in mind that CSAM stands for Collaborative, Situated, Active and Mobile the most difficult part is the collaborative part.

In my example, the collaborative part is missing. However, we can add the “collaborative” part by doing some adjustments in the activity. Instead of preparing tasks to do individually, the idea is to propose group activities and assigning roles to groups: one the leader can be the one who’s responsible for explaining how to perform some specific tasks. If there’s any doubt the leader can grab the smartphone and scan the QR codes and explain the activity to the rest of the group.

3. And what mobile-friendly tools could you integrate with your website to do that?

Using my example it make sense use images and videos but I need more time to evaluate the tool.

My first attempt creating a content having in mind the CSAM approach

Based on my experience in my city sightseeing tour in Barcelona and after reading this post from Dr. Allen Patridge about how he developed the Location Based Learning to create its Australia Zoo App I have created my own Location Based Learning experience.

The scenario:

The application will highlight the most important places of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. To do so, the users will have to carry their smartphone during their visit and enable geolocation. Depending on their location the application will show up an interesting place to visit and also suggests a place to drink or eat something. (Of course, these places are my favourite ones :D)

Click on the image to view the example


Scan this code to view the example 

Location Based Learning

Rosalie Ledda

Soy Pedagoga con un master en Dirección y Gestión de RRHH en la UOC especializada en el diseño e implementación de formación en modalidad online (elearning), blended o presencial.

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