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W2. Create a mobile RLO with Winksite

Week 2 is a very busy one, this was my third activity and there’s also another one to come! In my previous post the topic was to create a Quizlet activity. Now, the third one is to create our first mobile RLO that stands for Reusable Learning Object by using Winksite. 

What is and mobile RLO and why should I use it?

According to the University of Wolverhampton (n.d) cites Polsani (2003) defines a reusable learning object (RLO) as any “digital object that can be reused to facilitate and support learning activities.”

A mobile RLO is that digital content that is designed to be consumed using a mobile device. In that sense, keeping in mind the idea of “mobile first” when designing the content.

Using Winksite to create mobile RLOs?

Winksite is a very interseting tool to create your first mobile RLO without knowing any code at all. The use of this tool is very quite simple as you only have to create the structure of the content and then add some blocks of content if needed such as: a forum discussion, easy external links to enrich the content and so on.

Heres a tutorial about the tool created by Rob Power:

W2. Create a Quizlet Activity

In my previous post, I wrote about my experience converting a power point presentation into a Youtube video. The next activity for the “Instructional Design for Mobile Learning” MOOC is to create a Quizlet activity.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a set of tools to make learning fun and engaging. With Quizlet you can create flashcards, tests and study games for students. Another interesting thing is that Quizlet is a multiplatform tool, you can use in your computer or using the Quizlet applications.

Here’s a quick tutorial created by Rob Power

My first mobile RLO using Winklet

Come on! Grab your smartphone and try it by yourself.

Mobile RLO using Winksite



mobile RLO with Winksite

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