Issue #03. Elearning Newsletter. From Novice to Mastery

From Novice to Mastery - Newsletter

—Issue #03. Elearning Newsletter. From Novice to Mastery—

Welcome to this elearning newsletter. The aim of this newsletter is to share interesting articles with the hope to inspire you for your next either eLearning or blended learning project. As this week I had to create a proposal for an elearning module, the main topics covered in this newsletter are about design and development.  Enjoy!



Ideas for welcome screens (Part 1)

This week I had the need of developing a proposal of an eLearning module. I didn’t want to create a regular welcome screen, I wondered if I shouldn’t create something new, fresh and from a more modern approach. In this series of posts I’m testing ways of introducing the same course but using different layouts. For this first part I get inspired by how websites are organising their content.


Create Responsive Animations with Edge Animate integrate into Adobe Captivate

If you are a Captivate user, you may already know that with its version 8 now you can easily integrate Adobe Edge inside your Captivate files to create stunning projects. If you cannot find the time to analyse how both tools work together, don’t miss this meetup organized by Adobe eLearning User Group to have a sneak peek.

Making your Storyboards Pop!

Storyboarding is crucial in eLearning projects. With storyboarding you go beyond the concept, you apply the instructional design and you blend the different assets to create your course. But the most important thing is that a storyboard is a powerful tool to communicate ideas either to your client or your team. That’s why it is important to create good storyboards. In the following link you will find 5 tips to create better storyboards and then communicate your ideas properly.


The Impacts of the Tin Can API: How 8 Companies are Using the TinCanAPI 

SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC and now Tin Can Api. If you are thinking of developing mLearning courses or deliver learning experiences out of a regular LMS you may already know that you can track those learning experiences through Tin Can API. Although this new standard have been here for a while, there are some companies not familiarized about what benefits can provide this new standard. If you are wondering what other companies have experienced, check out these 8 examples where different companies share their experiences.


Tips on Designing, Testing & Delivering eLearning in a multidevice (Ebook)

For those of you who are still deciding if  jumping or not to the wild world of the multidevice delivery you may be know that there will be some additional efforts beyond the development of the content. Upside Learning provides a brand new ebook that will help you with tips and tricks when facing multidevice development.

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