Issue #02. Elearning Newsletter

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—Issue #02. Elearning Newsletter. From Novice to Mastery—

Welcome to this elearning newsletter. The aim of this newsletter is to share interesting articles with the hope to inspire you for your next either eLearning or blended learning project. Main topics covered this time is blended learning and fonts for your projects. Enjoy!


Blended Learning: What’s all the fuss about?

In this elearning newsletter blended learning also has its space. Blended learning is a learning approach that it’s not really new, but it can be new as it is recovering its relevance due to its effectiveness in some education/learning programmes.  If you’re interested to know more of this approach I recommend you to read the following article.


Sans Serif Fonts: Most Popular Typefaces, Best for Webfonts

If you’re developing elearning courses one of the common decisions you have to do is what type of font you should use.

The general rule is follow the style guide. However, there are certain reasons that you will not have a style guide or, if you’re lucky, you will have the opportunity for innovation. For whatever reason, to choose a sans-serif font is the best bet as it displays text really well on screens.

A example of sans serif font is Futura, but maybe you’re considering try other sans serif fonts. Check the following links as they provide the most popular sans serif fonts you can use for your elearning courses.

Top 10 Most Popular Sans-Serif Fonts of 2015 


How to Build Better E-Learning 

Need inspiration for your next elearning project? Tom Kuhlmann from Articulate shares ideas to avoid the same page turner courses. Don’t miss any of his tips!


7 Tips To Evaluate eLearning Professionals

Are you managing a training department and you’re thinking to hire a new person to join your team? If so, you may come across with a list of mandatory and plus requirements for the new employee. Check the following article to ensure you don’t forget none of the most important.


Download Onboarding: Blended Learning That Works

So you’re about to start to change the approach of your onboarding trainings, but you don’t know where to start? Have a look at this free guide provided by Kineo Learning where they share information about how to face onboarding trainings through a blending learning perspective.

Did you miss the previous newsletter? Here it is!

Issue #01. Elearning Newsletter. From Novice to Mastery – From novice to mastery.

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