Issue #01. Elearning Newsletter. From Novice to Mastery

From Novice to Mastery - Newsletter
—Issue #01. Elearning Newsletter. From Novice to Mastery—

This is the first newsletter about eLearning curated by this blog, From Novice to Mastery. The aim of this weekly elearning newsletter is to curate the most interesting readings that are scattered around the world with the hope to be useful for those who are in the elearning field.January was about resolutions, about design trends. As you drop dow to the design section you will see three interesting articles that caught my attention as I believe it can be very useful when designing elearning courses.Enjoy your reading and share it if you like it!


Responsive eLearning Development – Challenges and Considerations

If you’re thinking to develop elearning materials that can be seen in any device, in multiple platforms or even in a variety of OS you have to know that there are a list of variables to take into account. The following presentation from Upside Learning examines those variables to deal with to be successful in responsive elearning projects.


10 steps to creating the perfect infographic 

Infograpfhics are trendy, ok, but believe it or not, it’s not an easy task. In order to create a good infographic you need some ingredients: to know deeply about the topic, the ability to structure the information and a taste for choosing the right resources to turn the information understandable.

If you want to create a good infographic but you don’t know where to start, this article will help you for sure!

Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2015

If you want your courses to have a refresh and modern look I recommend you to have a look at the top design trends in web design for 2015. It will help you to redesign your elearning screens and choose the right resources. The most interesting for me were one-colour dominance, new type of menus and videos as a backgrounds instead of a regular image. Which one is your favourite one?

iStock Briefing: Top visual design trends for 2015

In this quick webinar (45′ length) explains the 8 visual design trends for 2015. This webinar in particular is very interesting as there are a lot of ideas that can be applied in how to present contents in our elearning projects. If you don’t want your courses to have an out of date look, this webinar is a must!


How To Build a Serious Game: Part 1

If you’re thinking of turning your regular courses in a serious game but you don’t know how, this post is a good starting point. From TalentLMS comes this series of posts that will help you to create your first Serious Game for eLearning.


How to Analyze Existing Programs for Instructional Design Improvement Ideas

Starting a course or a learning programme it’s not the end but the beginning of something. I would dare that it is the most important moment of a course. At this point is important to see in action your course, to analyse your objectives and to confirm that the course and the evaluation moments help to achieve those goals, check if the approach is working as expected to achieve the learning outcomes. Hence see if there’s something to improve, eliminate or add. In this post explains ideas about how to check the instructional design and provides you ideas to improve your course.



Totally Free Photos For Personal And Commercial Use

This is a bank of images where you can find pictures in a high resolution quality either for personal or commercial use and for free! All pictures are under the license CC0 1.0 Universal.

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