January. Free webinars about eLearning, mLearning and Visual Design

We are almost done with january but there are still interesting webinars that you can join for free and enhance your knowledge about eLearning, mLearning and visual design. Don’t miss any one of them.

20th – Top visual design trends for 2015

Move over, 2014. The New Year is making an entrance. And it has a whole crop of new design trends in its back pocket. From sensory immersion to super still, these are the gems that will be calling the creative shots in 2015. We’ve been taking some serious notes, and we’re going to let you cheat. Register for this webinar to get the beat on the biggest visual design trends of 2015 with iStock by Getty Images’ trends expert Rebecca Swift. See how they can help your work blaze a new trail in the New Year.

Length: 45′

More infohttp://app.e.gettyimages.com/e/er?s=2768&lid=67581&elq=277659df6b284a01bb1b4ab7d0f0afe6

21th – eLearning-related Visual Design Trends for Non-Designers #VisualDesign

This free webinar is about visual design in eLearning. What do visual-design trends have to do with eLearning? If you are an eLearning designer or developer, and you don’t see yourself as a visual designer, what do you need to know about these trends? How can they help you create more engaging and effective eLearning? Which visual-design trends—such as flat vs. skeuomorphic designs, infographics, and amateur-style video—are key to creating innovative eLearning design?

Length: 1 hour

More info: http://www.elearningguild.com/surveys/index.cfm?sid=291&utm_campaign=bestofls1501&utm_medium=blog&utm_source=elrnindbl

21th – Games on-the-go: practical tips for creating multi-device elearning games in Adapt framework #ResponsiveElearning

This free webinar will provide practical tips on how responsive elearning games can be designed and developed for the Adapt open-source framework. An overview of the Adapt technology will be given as well as a live demonstration of a game in Adapt.

Length: 1 hour

More info: https://events-emea2.adobeconnect.com/content/connect/c1/1316717213/en/events/event/shared/1331349777/event_landing.html?sco-id=1327156894&_charset_=utf-8  

21th –  5 Secret Tips To Drive Impactful e-Learning Designs #InstructionalDesign’

This free webinar is about how to deliver elearning content. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by countless examples of boring, ineffective examples. The tools make it easy to churn out tedious page turners with irritating trivia questions. We can do much better than that—and we can start just by applying some practical principles of instruction to our e-learning designs. In this fast-paced webinar, Ethan will layout five common sense ideas you can apply immediately to improve your e-learning.

Length: 30′

More info: http://learn.alleninteractions.com/5-practical-principles-for-instant-elearning-design-impact?utm_campaign=%5BWebinar%5D%205%20Practical%20Principles%20for%20Instant%20e-Learning%20Design%20Impact&utm_content=11260337&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

29th – The mobile learning tipping point with Dr. Allen Partridge # mLearning

Join Dr. Allen Partridge, Sr. eLearning Evangelist at Adobe in this free webinar as he walks you through the paradigm of the mlearning change and how Adobe is gearing up to address this shift.

More info: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=detail&id=2565128&loc=en_us&sdid=KRBSK&partnerref=CLOweb

January 2015 Free Webinars

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