Is this video the brand new type of interactive videos?

Today I found this amazing advertisement that can be an example of how interactive videos can be in the future. Click on the video and get your own impressions.


From static to interactive videos

In learning environments we have a good examples of interactive videos. The more commons probably are the software simulations or those that enables to practice a procedure.

However, beyond these examples, I’d like to highlight others that from my point of view can also illustrate the evolution of its use.

1. In-video quizzes

For those of you who have been enrolled in Coursera you may remember those videos that at some point of the lecture there was a short quiz. Once you answered the question the video carry on reproducing from that point to the end. Before that, people expected just stay in front of a video watching from the beginning to the end.

In-video quizzes from Coursera Font:

2.  Choose your own adventure in Youtube

Another interesting approach, inherited probably from the books, was the idea of enable the user to choose their own adventure. Instead of just giving a story and displaying it from the beginning to the end the user was able to choose either one way or another so the user was responsible for the end of the story.

There are a lot of  examples out there, but by far my favourite is this one.

3. No gym no problem!

I recently quit of the gym. As it happens with many people I was only paying for staying at home. So I decided to keep that money and invest it in other things. I was looking for workouts to do at home when I found The idea is follow them as you would follow in a regular class. There’s also real water-breaks as it happens in real classes! I couldn’t be more interactive. The negative part though is that in those breaks, Youtube, often put some advertisements.


Videos are a very good resource and can be powerful when are well designed. The examples provided above show how different approaches and different budgets of its use but still effective as they have been designed with different purposes. The thing that they have in common is that they were created with a clear objective in mind, knowing the target very well and implemented the solution effectively.

Interactive video by Alexander Wang x H&M
Interactive video by Alexander Wang x H&M

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