Creative eLearning. Designing an iPad layout

Today in the series of Creative eLearning, I’m designing an iPad layout by using Adobe Captivate. I’m pretty sure that you have been asked for delivering content that can be also viewed on mobile devices (ereaders, smartphones, tablets, iPad or iPod). As an ID we have to pay attention that the UX from PC is different when it’s a mobile device. Here’s my attempt for creating an iPad layout for elearning purposes.

Open the content using your ipad here.

The approach

The idea behind is to use a very simple layout to avoid misunderstandings about the navigation. There are 4 types of screens and  I decided to avoid using more that 4 elements per screen.

  • Welcome screen
    • User orientation
    • Start
    • Credits
  • Table of Contents
    • Links to the 3 topics
    • User orientation
    • Back to welcome screen
  • Content Screen
    • Navigation buttons
    • User Orientation
    • Back to index
    • Link to additioonal resources
  • End screen
    • Credits
    • Social Links

The User Navigation

The user navigation is explained here.

Tech concerns

  • Use a simple navigation.
  • Lanscape orientation
  • Resolution: 1024 x 672.
  • Images in png

Resources used

Designing an iPad layout

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