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About mLearning, Gamification and how to deliver better training

There are a lot of resources out there about elearning, mlearning and gamification and sometimes it’s really hard to find the valuable ones. Here are some readings for those interested in: mlearning, gamification applied in education and one more about how to deliver better training.

Global Mobile Learning Implementations and Trends

This free ebook is the result of the experience of a group of researchers about their experience of implementing mlearning in education. What I really like the most is that this ebook goes beyond the advantages of mlearning and goes to the point: how they did it, the reasons it succeed or why it failed, how countries are trying to implement it in their context, etc.

The first time I heard about this ebook was due to a post written by  Ignatia de Waard in her blog. Ignatia is well-known as the lead of the mobile #MOOC and obviously she’s one of the contributors of this valuable ebook. The ebook covers different areas of mlearning in education, so if you are really interested in mlearning you should print this out and read it carefully.

Chapter 1 State of Mobile Learning Around the World by Avgoustos Tsinakos Global Mobile Learning Implementations and Trends
Chapter 2 Mobile Learning in International Development by John Traxler
Chapter 3 Universal Instructional Design Principles for Mobile Learning by Tanya Elias
Chapter 4 Planning for Mobile Learning Implementation by Amit Garg
Chapter 5 Blended Mobile Learning: Expanding Learning Spaces with Mobile Technologies by Agnieszka Palalas
Chapter 6 Mobile and Digital: Perspectives on Teaching and Learning in a Networked World by Barbara Schroeder
Chapter 7 Using mLearning and MOOCs to Understand Chaos,Emergence,and Complexity in Education by Inge de Waard, Sean Abajian, Michael Sean Gallagher, Rebecca Hogue, Nilgün Keskin, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Osvaldo C. Rodriguez
Chapter 8 Changing the Way of Learning: Mobile Learning in China by Li Shiliang Sun Hongtao
Chapter 9 Challenges for Successful Adoption of Mobile Learning by David Topolewski et al.
Chapter 10 Location-Based Learning with Mobile Devices by Qing Tan Nashwa El-Bendary
Chapter 11 Mobile Microblogging: Using Twitter and Mobile Devices in an Online Course to Promote Learning in Authentic Contexts by Hsu Yu-Chang Ching Yu-Hui
Chapter 12 Mobile Learning in K-12 in Alberta, Canada by Dermod Madden
Chapter 13 Trailblazing Through a Steeper Path: A Snapshot of Teachers’Explorations in Mobile Learning Implementation in Hawaii’s Public Schools by Lin Meng-Fen Grace Ritsuko Iyoda Curtis P. Ho
Chapter 14 Using Self-Efficacy to Assess the Readiness of Nursing Educators and Students for Mobile Learning by Richard F. Kenny et al.
if you’re really interested in mlearning you should print this out and read it carefully

Game-enabled learning. Drive engagement, fortify retention and accelerate competency

If you’re confused about how to merge learning, mlearning and gamification in one solution here’s a good resource for you to get inspired.

WorkLearnMobile website is a interesting place to have it in your bookmarks. Surfing in their site I found a possible answer to a question that a friend post in a linked in group today. He was wondering why Gamification is  so difficult to implement in a elearning environment, while in others seems to be pretty much easier.

If you click on “mobile experts” you’ll find Robert Gadd from OnPoint Digital Inc. where he shares an his expert insight on gamification in learning.

The topics covered are:Game-enabled Learning Drive engagement

Part I: Introduction & Market Overview
Part II: Typical Use Cases for Gamification in Learning
Part III: OnPoint’s Gamification Feature Set
Part IV: Detailed Game Mechanics & Administrative Features
Part V: Early Pilots & Results
Part VI: General Information

Get access to the resource and the downloadable link here: http://www.worklearnmobile.org/mobile-experts/let-the-games-begin-game-dynamics-for-driving-learner-engagement-robert-gadd-onpoint-digital-inc/



How to Deliver Better Training

At last but not least, How to deliver better training is an interesting ebook written by Administrate, a company dedicated to help companies to deliver better training. Administrate has a blog where they post regularly about different topics such as education and online teaching. Here you’ll find the most interesting posts written this last 2013. Topics covered here are:

How to deliver better training

  1. Assessment
  2. Classroom management
  3. eLearning
  4. Learning Style Methods
  5. Marketing and Training Operations

Get access to the resource and the downloadable link here: http://www.getadministrate.com/deliver-better-training-ebook/






Rosalie Ledda

Soy Pedagoga con un master en Dirección y Gestión de RRHH en la UOC especializada en el diseño e implementación de formación en modalidad online (elearning), blended o presencial.

Cuento con 10 años de experiencia en el ámbito de la consultoría y la gestión de proyectos educativos de alcance nacional e internacional.

Me considero una profesional con gran capacidad para gestionar proyectos, con capacidad analítica para la detección de necesidades de formación y definir estrategias específicas orientadas a objetivos. Mis compañeros me definen como un persona flexible, ordenada, emprendedora e innovadora.

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