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A Must-Have Guide To Gaming In The Classroom – EdTechReview ETR

As a trainer / teacher you have already used some games in your classroom to engage or motivate your learners. If you want to carry on enriching your classes here you have a must-have guide to gaming in the classroom.

I also have already used this method in order to engage my students, motivate them and break the boredom of a tough topic. Activities such as word soup, hangman, crosswords are a must activities. Avoid use the classical multiple choice question, at least try to combine with other engaging resources. Well it’s just a recommendation of course!

Now that we are living in the digital era there’re a lot of digital game resources you can find in the internet and use in your classroom. But before do this, check this incredible guide about how to use games in your classroom to get inspired. I know you’ve already use games in your classroom but I think you could find more ideas in this amazing infographic.

A Must-Have Guide To Gaming In The Classroom – EdTechReview ETR.

A Must-Have Guide To Gaming In The Classroom

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