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How to become an eLearning professional

How to become an eLearning professional? This is the question that asked Christopher Pappas (@cpappas), founder of the network eLearning Industry, to 23 eLearning pros. Although it seems to be an easy answer, the fact is when I started to write my thoughts I realized that it was difficult to explain in a minute of glory all the things to become an elearning pro.

The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional

The result of this question is “The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional” where 23 professionals we share our opinion and experience about how to become an elearning professional.

Obviously this ebook does not intend to compete with the resources you already have, instead, the idea is to add this one to your list of resources.

In my opinion, those who work in the eLearning industry, it’s mandatory to have a 360º vision. The solutions, the product we deliver has to answer three core questions:

  • Does my solution cover the needs of my client?
  • Is my solution aligned with the business goals of the company?
  • Does my solution deliver meaningful content for the learner?

You can read these three core concepts on page 23 of the ebook.



Cammy Bean, Anita Horsley, Connie Malamed among others explain us their secrets

cammy-bean Cammy Bean (Kineo) considers that in order to become an elearning professional is essential to read blogs, to attend elearning conferences and to read valuable elearning resources.

It seems to be a common sense advice, however, I’ve met people that think that just knowing how to create some interactive screens it’s enough to become an expert in eLearning. Elearning is more than that and Cammy Bean highlight it perfectly.Do you want to know which blogs and resources Cammy Bean recommends? Click here.


anita-horsley-m-edAnita S. Horsley (CALEX Learning Consultants, LLC). The first time I met her was at her blog “Crazy about Captivate” where she shares her expertise on using Adobe Captivate. Today, I’ve discovered that Anita is more than an Adobe Captivate expert she’s one of the elearning PRO of the elearning industry. According to Anita to become and elearning professional it’s necessary:

“…passion, knowledge, and dedication. Then you have to have these four essential ingredients: education, skills, experience, and the ability to market.”

Don’t miss Anita’s advice here.


Connie Malamed, is the author of the blog “The elearning Coach” one of the mandatory resources for those who wants to become an elearning pro. She points out that in order to become an elearning professional:

“…involves getting involved with people in our field and outside of it… Participate in relevant online discussion groups. Look for ones related to eLearning and instructional design but also look for other groups. There is a lot to learn from outside of our field. For starters, you can find excellent groups through LinkedIn.”

Don’t miss what Connie Malamed suggests us here.

Do you want to learn more?

Check out the “Free ebook: How to become an elearning pro“:


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