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Free resources for your eLearning courses

Are you looking for free resources for your eLearning courses? Do you want to update your bank of resources but you don’t know where to start? I know that the task of looking for free resources sometimes can be a nightmare itself. That’s why in this post I’m going to share some websites that is worthwhile to get a glimpse.

  • Freedigitalphotos.net is a bank of images, there you’ll find goo resources for your elearning projects. You can use them for free if you to cite the source. Otherwise, you have to purchase the image.
  • ElearningBrothers is a website where you’ll find thousands of resources for your eLearning courses such as images, sounds, templates, avatars and all the type of resources that will help you to enrich your eLearning course. In order to get the fully access to them you have to pay a yearly fee. They also have a “freebies” section where you can see if it’s worth the investment.

  • Freestocktextures is a bank of textures created by two non-professional photographers, Paul Wozniak and Eva Sajdak. Still, they put all their energy to publish incredible textures. Don’t miss this site!

  • Lostandtaken gallery is a website where Caleb Kimbrough offers us a range of free textures in a high quality either for personal and professional purposes.


  • Designcomics offers free cartoon characters and scenes for your projects, in return you have to cite the source.


  • This freebies section created by Bojan Živković you’ll find sources of a different kind that will help you in the design of your elearning project. You’ll find resources in .PSD format, actions to use in phoshop, paintbrushes, shapes, patterns and others.
  • Bored of using always the same font? In Fonts.com  you can find a new one for your project. If you want to be up-to-date with the latest fonts you can follow them on Twitter (@Fontscom).
  • Here you have a practical guide on typography written by the font designer Matthew Butterick . I recommend you to read it because it’ll give you a vision about the importance of choosing a good typography in your projects. You can apply its advice in different contexts even in your eLearning projects.
  • And finally the new fashion in town, Flat design. Here you have the website Flat UI that shares some elements and icons that follows this new trend.

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